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European Permaculture Convergence

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Dear activist friends in all of Europe,

We send our call into Europe today to come and gather in one Big Circle in August -

Welcome to the European Permaculture Convergence 2012
1st.-5th August 2012
@gASTWERKe in Escherode/Kassel - Germany -
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'Permaculture derives a future vision from the synergetic combination of all our skills, potentials and resources'. We invite European activists from Permaculture and all of Earth Care - People Care - Fair Share to co-create one common space, to link up & come together, to share skills & spread knowledge, to nurture ourselves and claim our stake before the few public performers of the Big Play.

Our vision goes beyond the traditional format of the EuPC - and yet embraces it at the same time. We are seeing a European landscape of activists and their networks - and want to link us all up, because we ARE ONE web of change and the time is now!

We therefore use our chance to reach out and call for delegations and representatives from all European countries and to come and join the EuPC 2012, to share their message and be of presence. We can accomodate a maximum of 300 people on a low-tech infrastructure and can already see the space filling up fast... What a resonance!

If you receive this invitation, we think it would be great to have you there. Would you like to be part of it?! Are you ready to co-create the space with us by lining up your country group/network and organizing your coming and contribution? Get in contact with us and get creative!

Use your chance to attend both the Pre-EuPC-Permaculture-Design-Course AND the EuPC on European Funding!
http://ec.europa.eu/education/trainingdatabase (search 'Permakultur Institut') Welcome to consider the opportunity of building up the AfterCon-week, a landscape of YOUR courses, events & workshops in the region or join the AfterCon-Site Tour, a merry journey to Permaculture places & communities, living architecture and remarkable people in Germany.

The EuPC will be held for 5 days & nights, with you arriving on Tue 31st July.
It will be a living landscape of workshops and speeches, of interaction and introspection, of Earth Spirit, Mind Matter and Free Flow. Already gladly receiving your themes and offers, we're extremely happy to merge them into a fine framework of workshops, presentations, plays and market stalls with enough Open Space to entertain the unknown.

Saturday 4th is Public Paradise & Party and Sunday 5th August Organize & Occupy:
Preparing together for a major public event in the City of Kassel, where at the same time dOCUMENTA 13 (a cultural event of world standing) is happening - our closing Circle will be a Circle of Power, transmitting our vision in a procession down town, where we link up with the Kassel-network of change to occupy public space with powerful peace.

We have on board already:

Permaculture Network
Transition Network
Schools of Wilderness
Dragon Dreaming
Deep Ecology
Social Sculpture Research Unit
Gaia University
Common Welfare Economy

And Strong Voices:

Declan & Margrit Kennedy
Opening speech & Occupy Money

Shelley Sacks & Hildegard Kurt
Social Sculpture - Art, culture & sustainability

John Croft
Dragon Dreaming

Davie Philip & Gerd Wessling
Transition Network Int'l / GER
power down Ireland

Andy Goldring & Louise Cartwright
LAND project England

Kosha Joubert & Robin Alfred
Collective Consciousness & Inspirational Leadership/Findhorn

Christian Felber
Common Welfare Economy/Austria

Welcome to be part of it!
Get in touch if you want to join in!

Best wishes for 2012
the EuPC-team


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