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Selcuk University - Environmental Engineering Department

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Selcuk University - Environmental Engineering Department

Environmental Engineering Department

The Department of Environmental Engineering was established in 1992 and the number of the undergraduate students is 220. To graduate fully qualified engineers continuing efforts are given to increase the number of academic personnel. The department has shown a big improvement in the means of laboratory and computer capacity since the year it was established and continues to improve.

In the Department, projects are prepared, wastewater and drinking water analyses are done and emission reports are prepared according to demands coming from Industrial Establishments and Organized Industrial Regions, in and around Konya City.

What is Environmental Engineering? 

Environmental engineering is an engineering program that possesses fundamental scientific and technical knowledge to protect people from adverse effects of environment and environment from adverse effects of people and improve the environmental conditions for human health and well being. 

Study Subjects of the Department

  • Water and wastewater analyses (physical, chemical, biologic)
  • Water, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plant projects
  • Water supply, sewer systems and run off water drainage projects
  • Chimney gas and indoor air emission inventory
  • Preparation of air emission permission application
  • Industrial air pollution control system (filter, dust cyclone etc.) design
  • Waste management (landfill and disposal system design)
  • Noise measurement and reporting
  • Product quality control by concerning environmental pollution control (water treatment equipment, hardness removing equipment etc.)
  • Ç-E TSE-ISO-EN 14000 Environmental Management System consultancy
  • Consultancy for every kind of industrial foundations and municipalities
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for every kind of industrial foundations 

Employment Chances for Environmental Engineers

  • Ministry of Environment and Forestry
  • Ministry of Public Works and Settlement
  • General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works
  • General Directorate of Rural Services
  • Municipalities
  • TEAŞ
  • Turkish Statistical Institute
  • The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
  • State Planning Organization
  • Turkish Petroleum Corporation
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Universities
  • Private Sector

  •      - Engineering Offices
         - Industrial Plants 

Study Subjects of Environmental Engineers

  • Water supply, protecting water resources from pollution, designing and constructing treatment plants
  • Preparing projects and constructing water network, sewerage and rain water systems
  • Selecting system, designing, constructing and management of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Discharging treated wastewater to receiving bodies, modeling and researching possible effects
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for industry and infrastructure investments
  • Engineering about on-site handling, transporting, storage, processing and recycling of solid waste
  • Assessing and modeling air pollution emissions for air pollution control
  • Environmental management and planning
  • Assessing environmental chemistry and microbiology analyses
  • Assessing soil pollution and control analyses

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